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Shown here with push button latch trim ring (7003) and button (7000).
Shown here with push button latch trim ring (7003) and button (7000).

Our family of push button latches based on the Lowe Hardware #6090 is the most comprehensively thought out and designed line yet to be manufactured.  This latch has been designed from the ground up to be a marriage of CNC … Continue reading

New Line of Hardware for Morris Yachts

New Line of Hardware for Morris Yachts

Lowe Hardware recently developed a line of hardware for Morris Yachts of Trenton, Maine.  As you can see, this particular suite shares many design elements among the knob, lever, and drop ring pull.  Lowe Hardware’s high quality latches were used … Continue reading


Elliot setting up a sand-cast port light for the next phase of CNC machining.
Raw bronze port lights awaiting finishing and plating.

Going back 20 years, Lowe Hardware has been offering high end yacht builders the most custom of interior hardware.  These custom bronze marine Port Lights were designed in house and are a marriage of varying materials and processes.  These photos show … Continue reading

Road Trip to Brooklin Boat Yard

Brooklin Boat Yard- Center Harbor, Brooklin Maine.
The view from the Brooklin Boat Yard- We couldn't have asked for a nicer Maine day!
Elliot on Board the 55' Hinckley that will be retrofitted with Lowe Hardware push button latches.
Custom hole saw built in-house. We were impressed!

We took a road-trip to the Brooklin Boat Yard this week to see some of their work and to check out a 55′ Hinckley that the boat yard is retrofitting with Lowe Hardware push-button latches throughout.  We were also excited to spot … Continue reading