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Emily in the Finishing Room
Custom Pulls- Before & After
Acid Bath

All products at Lowe Hardware are available in a wide variety of finishes.  Here, Emily is in the process of patinating some custom sliding and cabinet door pulls for a local project on the island of North Haven, Maine.  These pulls … Continue reading

On-going Work…

Various Lowe Hardware door parts ready for the finishing process.
Paul is shown finishing up aluminum furniture brackets while some of our product line is finished up for various jobs.
Our faceted #5060 knob coming off of the CNC milling machine. These knobs are now ready for final polishing, and will be finished in bright chrome.
Mortise butt hinges being brushed down for nickel plating.
Two very different levers, the #6590 star lever and #6505 are getting prepped for the bending process. Some will be a polished brass finish and the others will be blackened.
#6590 Star lever awaiting finishing.

This week, we have some interesting and diverse door hardware and contract work going on in our shop! Each day we produce a different batch of hardware, with many projects going on simultaneously and in different stages of production.  Scroll throughout the photos to … Continue reading

Addition Update: Hands on at Lowe Hardware!

Elliot & Bill- these guys are comfortable with any kind of metal!
Front of The New Lowe Hardware entrance & showroom.
Lowe Hardware's new manufacturing addition.

This first week of fall finds us working hard to make sure our new shop and showroom additions are buttoned up before winter…we are making progress!  Elliot and Bill Lowe, always hands on, help with the metal work.  (At Lowe Hardware, we … Continue reading


Breaking ground for the new addition.
Pouring cement for the new addition...exciting!
Our new space takes shape!
Our new factory floor!

Well, it’s finally happening!….Lowe Hardware is happy to announce that the company has recently started a much-needed expansion of its facility in Maine, which will double its shop and office spaces. We have just finished the concrete work which will be the foundation … Continue reading