How To Order
Lowe Hardware

Over time, Lowe Hardware has built up a product catalogue of its own unique designs based on repeat customer requests.  This catalogue is constantly being added to and refined on a daily basis, and is in its most up to date version here on the web.  Using these items, Lowe is well versed in assisting with the assembling of complete door and window hardware schedules.  After a client selects larger trim items for their project (such as knobs and or levers), associated smaller items can be selected with our or the designers help. Lowe will then work with clients to specify appropriate lockset’s and or latches to assure they meet the intended requirements. This process will include checking all handing, backset measurements, and any other sizing issue.  Hinges also present a variety of choices, and Lowe is happy to assist with all aspects of the hinge selection process- from style to functionality, as based on your specific needs.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your hardware requirements: