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Custom Furniture Fittings

Custom Work Station Components- Aluminum
Swing arm & monitor mount - Detail
Custom Swing Arms

Straying from our core business of door and cabinet hardware, Lowe Hardware collaborated with a close architect to design some custom desk and laboratory furniture fittings for a major¬†pharmaceutical company. In contrast to our materials of choice (brass and bronze) … Continue reading

#6521 Bamboo Lever- New!


This new lever is a prime example of the work that goes on day to day at our factory. The #6521 bamboo lever was designed in house and is made using both a CNC (computer numeric control) lathe and milling … Continue reading

Welcome To The Lowe Hardware Blog!

(L to R) Front: Emily Lowe, Elliot Lowe, Max, Bill Lowe.
Back: Donna Daly, Greg Nadeau, Rufus Williams, Brian Corriveau, Ben Scott, Tim Marchetti
Bill Lowe- Founder, Lowe Hardware

Hello, my name is Elliot Lowe and I am co-owner of Lowe Hardware, a custom hardware manufacturer based on the coast of Maine. The Lowe family has been producing high-quality hardware for residential, commercial, and marine applications since 1982. The … Continue reading