Lowe Hardware Services


Lowe Hardware has not become the choice for custom builders by just sending along well made components for installation. At Lowe, we believe in service. We believe in COLLABORATIVE DESIGN sharing and prototyping capabilities with designers, architects, and customers to ensure the end product meets the aesthetic and functional goals of the project. We believe in the accessibility of our CUSTOM HARDWARE capabilities. We believe in beginning and finishing projects based on DOOR AND WINDOW SCHEDULING we provide. We believe in coordinating with builders to ship hinges and locksets during construction to hang doors, with separate shipment of trim components. We believe in making finishes on all hardware components match and are happy to provide plating and patinating of components not made by us. We provide ample screws and make sure they have matching finishes. We believe the success of our business depends on much more than the shiny knob, hinge, or lever in the box.

Made in Maine